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Divine Comedy – Oregon Trail

Thanks to Allison Freestone for today’s Funny Clean Video!

“This is for all us Oregon City people who were forced to play the DOS Oregon Trail game though out all of elementary school but never quite made it to the Willamette valley. Its the BYU sketch comedy group.”


One Response

  1. Ha ha! Love the way the pronounce Willamette. Poor Mat…

    Wendell Baskins came by the school last week all excited – to tell me that the Oregon Train Association (translate=old guys who keep reliving the Oregon Trail) has made a movie of REAL KIDS doing the SIMULATION out on the ACTUAL TRAIL. (Sorry for the all caps, but that’s the way Wendell was describing it.) He wanted me to round up some REAL TEENAGERS to come view a preview…I didn’t have the heart to tell him that was never going to happen.

    This year Josh’s class did a simulation of the Underground Railroad. Ha ha! Did it go through our basement?? 🙂

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