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Propane Bubbles

OK all you Funny Clean Video fans, today’s gonna be a little different than usual!

Usually I just hand you your daily dose of Funny on a little silver platter, but today you’re going to have to work for it a little bit.

And by work, I mean… click.

See the video is at this link:

But more important than that is what you need to do AFTER you watch the video. You need to “Like” this video.

See, the nerdy guy in the safety goggles is my brother-in-law, who teaches chemistry at a high school in Washington (I say “nerdy” with love, Eric!) His school, like so many others, is facing cutbacks, so he and his class submitted this video to a Science WoRx contest. The video with the most “Likes” wins $2,500 for class supplies. (That’s a lot of beakers and safety goggles.)

So again, watch the video, enjoy it, and then “LIKE” IT!

Your regularly served silver platter video selection will be back on Monday. Thanks Everyone!


One Response

  1. Oh, man, that video was so Awesome!!! Definitely worth the time to click on it and click “like.” I’m going to share this with ALL my friends. I know it’s what cool people are doing.

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