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The Story of Steve, Kim, and Sonny

As a general rule, I don’t often post anything of a serious or political nature on this blog. But with the recent events with the Sony Pictures hack by North Korea, I felt like I needed a place to process and share my thoughts on the subject publicly.

With that in mind, I present “The Story of Steve, Kim, and Sonny.”

Here is a story about Steve, Kim, and Sonny.

Steve and Kim work at an office together and don’t like each other very much. In fact, they don’t like each other at all.

Steve is very high up in the company and has a lot of power and influence around the office. He’s also fairly charismatic and physically intimidating person. Steve has a reputation around the office for being rather arrogant and pushy, but nobody can deny the fact that he gets stuff done, and is generally a good guy to have on your side.

Kim is not nearly as powerful or popular as Steve. He is often seen as antisocial and physically weak. Everyone in the office knows that Kim and Steve don’t like each other, and some of them feel kind of bad for Kim because he’s at such a disadvantage to Steve. Except nobody really feels that bad for Kim because Kim is a total jerk. Kim is a jerk to everybody. Kim has a couple of friends around the office who let him hang out with them, but even they agree that he’s a bit of a jerk.

Several years ago Steve even tried to get Kim fired for being such a jerk. Kim managed to squeak by on an indefinite probationary period, but Kim and Steve are both still really bitter about the way things turned out.

Steve has a child named Sonny. Sonny hears his dad talk about his work, and agrees with his dad that Kim is a jerk. Sonny isn’t terribly bright, but is an OK artist and decides to draw a picture called “Kim is a Poop-Head.” (In the picture, Kim has a head literally made of dog poop.) It isn’t a very good picture, but Sonny is proud enough of it that he decides he will take it to Show-And-Tell the following week. Sonny excitedly tells his classmates about it, and while most don’t really care some will look forward to anything in Show-And-Tell that involves the word poop.

Kim finds out about Sonny’s drawing, and he is furious. He is so upset about it the he finds Sonny on the playground, beats him senseless, and then tells all the other kids that Sonny is the real Poop-Head. He also tells Sonny that if he brings his drawing to Show-And-Tell next week that he will come back and beat up Sonny and all the other kids at Show-And-Tell even worse. (Kim doesn’t actually stand much of a chance of getting past school security to get into the classroom, but that is kind of beside the point.)

Now Kim is rather scrawny and weak compared to most adults, but to a little kid like Sonny and his classmates, he is still a grown-up and pretty scary. Some of the other kids say they don’t want to come to school on Show-And-Tell day, and Sonny decides not to bring his drawing next week after all.

At first, Kim tried to deny that he was the one who beat up Sonny and threatened the kids, but pretty soon it becomes obvious. Now Steve has to figure out what to do. He knows that he has a reputation around the office for being arrogant, and that several of his co-workers think he’s kind of a bully for the way that he treats Kim. But Steve teaches his kids that they are allowed to draw pictures about whatever they want, even if he doesn’t like them. And now another grownup has seriously injured and frightened one of his kids because of a stupid drawing.

What would YOU tell Steve to do?


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