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About Our Team

Funny Clean Videos was started by a few college students studying communications at BYU-Idaho as a group project. We realized that while the internet is full of funny videos, it is often hard to find them because there are so many terrible ones. We made this blog to showcase some of our favorite videos that are funny without including profanity, sexual overtones, or violence.

After the semester ended (and we received an “A” on our project!) I decided to keep the blog going for my own enjoyment. I hope you enjoy and tell your friends!!


10 Responses

  1. These are so funny, the 3rd one is the best!!!!!!

  2. You guys should add the “tech support” video for books. I think it was done in Germany……I think Dave knows Mark Kelley who is the one who sent me the link for it forever ago. 🙂

  3. This is an awesome website. Nice job!!! I’ll see if I can spread the word.

  4. It seems that the photo booth video directly contradicts your stated mission for this blog. I am curious how you fit a video with a young boy flipping the photo booth off as part of your “clean” videos.

    • That’s a valid point and we appreciate your comment!

      Most of our criteria for “clean” involves keeping it free of profanity, violence, drug use, or sexual overtones.

      We certainly don’t want to offend anyone with the videos we have posted.

      Our thought was that because the gesture was blurred in the video it would not be offensive to most, if any at all. We apologize that it was seen as being in bad taste. We have deleted that entry and we hope to do better in our selections in the future.

  5. Thanks for your response. I guess I misunderstood the meaning of “clean” and will now screen all of the videos before letting my children watch them. I have also had to block the site on their computer so that they don’t have access to videos that aren’t appropriate for younger children.

    As a mom, I don’t consider blurring out to make something okay. The video still directly tells what the child did, and I still had seven and nine year-olds who wanted to know what that meant, what it means to do it, and why it was funny. I guess I would ask the team whether they would want to answer any of those questions with their own children.

    I guess this really comes down to a difference of opinion on what is profanity. For me, a gesture can be profane, just like a word.

    Thanks again for at least responding and being willing to have the “conversation” about it. It might be interesting to have a page where people can share their opinions about what makes a video “clean” or not. I realize that this was started for a class, and that the group gets to decide what is “clean” in their minds. However, in the larger world, it would make sense to have input from the people who enjoy, watch and suggest videos for the website. I am not saying you should take down every video that someone doesn’t like, but having a place for people to discuss why they think a video fits, or doesn’t would be an asset, in my mind.

    • Thank you for the suggestion. So far we had considered the “comments” portion of each video the outlet for people to express their pleasure or displeasure with individual videos, and discuss individual merit.

      We apologize for the confusion regarding the aim of our blog. While we consider these videos to be mostly “clean” they are aimed more at being in the “PG” category than “G” necessarily. Parental guidance is still suggested.

  6. I am wondering about the title of the site also… “Funny Clean Videos” It seems it should be “Funny and/or Clean” because there seems to be a severe drop in funny and an increase in clean and “nice.” I come to this site to laugh.

  7. Hi, nice to meet you !

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