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Things We Say Wrong

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today’s video has absolutely nothing to do with romance, hearts, greeting cards, or chocolate. (But I want my wife to know that I didn’t forget.)

Welcome to Grammar Week on Funny Clean Videos! I hope you like the English language (and poking fun at those who abuse it) because you are about to get a whole week about it.

P.S. Anyone who points out one of my own grammatical errors in the comments section will get an extra bonus star!


2 Responses

  1. I think my pet peeve is “jewlery” instead of “jewelry.” And “Febuary.” Ick. I’m trying to teach myself to say, “I’m well” when someone asks me how I am, instead of “I’m fine.” And I finally figured out less/fewer a couple of years ago…

  2. This is great. I say the wrong words all the time. I have even said things like Pacific instead of specific, and that is just one of many examples of the way I butcher the English language.

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